• MING FWU JIUNN's professional CNC technology

  • Provide OEM processing and ODM processing

About us

MING FWU JIUNN has 30 years of experience in professional milling technique. We never hesitate to be in the front line whenever customers need us. Based on our outstanding technological background and R&D team, MFJ is capable of offering competitive edge and high quality service to our customers.

Our products can be applied to:
● Mobile phone parts , 3C parts, electronic parts,
● CPU cooling system parts, machines
● Auto parts, car parts, bicycle parts
● Lighting parts, LED parts
● Sanitary equipment parts, household hardware parts
● Heat sink, all kinds of connectors,
● Precision metal parts, brake caliper parts, suspension system parts
● OEM & ODM processing manufacturing process


MING FWU JIUNN also continue to pursue new technologies continuously to have more sophisticated processing technology. The rapid manufacturing process, perfect quality, accurate delivery and satisfactory service are our goals of quality. We dedicate to maximize the performance to produce every product in excellent quality and satisfy our customers.

Professional design and production

MING FWU JIUNN In recent years, Chun Beng Hock has also been continued to invest in factory production equipment and product quality testing equipment. To be a real stand-out, we are not only have excellent processing technology, but also handle the manufacturing process from the beginning components until the finished components products, or even the appearance